Ed Block Courage Award Foundation
    We are a sponsor of the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation- this organization works with the National Football League and it's players to make us aware of the problems with child abuse in our society. It is through the help of the NFL and the Ed Block Courage House(s) throughout the US that this awareness is spread and the care for the young boys and girls takes place. (See the website for additional information)
The Leslie Moore Scholarship Fund
    The Leslie Moore Scholarship Fund is an annual fundraiser, organized by Lenny Moore, a Hall of Fame Football Player from the Baltimore Colts. His son passed away from Scleroderma, and Lenny's passion to help remember his son is through this scholarship fund. Young men and women are encouraged to apply for the available scholarships for their desired higher educational institute.They are interviewed and selected upon the basis of need and high school accomplishments.
Hannah More School in Reisterstown, MD - Board Member
    Hannah More School provides individualized academic, vocational and therapeutic programs to elementary, middle and high school students with a primary disability of emotional disturbance, autism, specific learning disabilities, other health impairment, or multiple disabilities, and whose behaviors have interfered with their ability to be successful in public school. The school is committed to providing such programs in a nurturing and educationally challenging environment so that students may develop the skills necessary to reach their greatest potential in an increasingly complex and culturally diverse society.

    You can request additional information by emailing us at hmsinfo@hannahmore.org
Carroll Child Care Center - Board Member
    CCCC's mission is to serve families of all income levels by offering a healthy environment in which children can discover, learn and grow.

    Visit their website
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